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Leadership Preschool & Primary Daycare Center

LEADERland LEADERship Preschool & Primary Daycare is the best leadership preschool in Penang, Malaysia. We provide a lot of programs such as public speaking, primary daycare, leadership training, holiday leadership camp, online education, virtual learning and more. Our main mission is to help children build up their character and habits through early childhood education during their early childhood development by using fun and interesting learning process.
(2 – 6 yrs old)
(7 – 12 yrs old)
Online Education Service
(2 – 3 yrs old)

Our Vision

Where there are children, there is LEADERland

Our Mission

 Empowering tomorrow’s leaders to add values to others
Our Philosophy

Nobody is perfect in this world; however, everyone is unique in his or her own way and will excel and succeed in life if they maximize their potential and strength.

Everyone is a great LEADER if they are being encouraged and developed through proper guidance, education, training, and planned experience.

The environment is one of the key factors in developing a LEADER.

Continuous learning and reviewing are the keys to being an effective LEADER.

Only LEADERs with right values, good ethics, and positive characters will bring values and benefits to the world we are living; make it a better place to live.

Our Belief

Everyone can be a LEADER
Our Core Values

Family 家庭

Add Values 增值

Integrity 诚信

Transform 蜕变

Honouring God 荣耀上帝

Established Branch

LEADERship Workshops

1st Branch

2nd Branch

10th Anniversary

3rd Branch

4th Branch

Online Education Service

5th Branch

6th Branch
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